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The Patient Experience

It is our mission to ensure that all Canadians afflicted with chronic illnesses receive the best possible results from the prescription medications they are taking, and the highest levels of care during their treatment journey.

Our Patient-first approach is the reason that reputable Canadian hospitals, clinics and physicians depend on Specialty Rx Solutions to administer and manage their patients’ specialty prescription drug regimens. Patients choose us because of our Patient Support Service, Integrated Care model, and the peace of mind knowing that their needs are put above profits, including our dedication to funding healthcare programs that benefit all Canadians.

Why is Specialty Rx Solutions needed?
Prescription medications are an important and complex part of your treatment plan. It is essential that your Pharmacy team can comprehend your specialized treatment needs the way your Healthcare Specialist does.

People largely assume that all Pharmacies are equipped to provide the same level of expertise, medication information, and patient services. This huge misconception has led patients to make preventable errors that have resulted in less effective treatment, complications, and even death.

Specialty Rx Solutions was created in response to this urgent needs gap, providing patients with the education, comprehensive services, the integrated care needed for a fast and healthy recovery.

Our team is accessible to answer all your treatment and medication related questions, simply contact your Specialty Rx Solution participating pharmacy.