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Meet our team!

Adesh A. Vora, Pharm. D.

President & CEO
Working in the pharmacy field, Adesh is passionate about healthcare, and believes wholeheartedly that all people should have access to modern healthcare innovations, including medicine, and hospital equipment. With almost 20 years of industry experience, Adesh has the technical knowledge necessary to improve the process of getting much needed healthcare to those in need.

Brock Clancy

Vice President

Kathy Poldre, R.N, BHScN.

Education Lead , Hepatology Nursing Consultant

Mia Biondi, NP, PhD.

Lead Nurse Consultant in Virology

Wendy McCaw, R.N.

IBD Nurse Specialist and Consultant

Brian Hallam

Lead Professional Services Manager

Chloe Case

Professional Services Manager

Tommy Rassouli

Professional Services Manager

Amanda Thomas

Professional Services Manager

Chelsea Masterman

Professional Services Manager

Jane Lin

Technical Support, System Administrator